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Martogg LCM®

Martogg Group’s recycled polymer division Martogg LCM® takes a ‘cradle to cradle’ approach to the LifeCycle Management of plastic products. Using Martogg’s extensive knowledge of the plastics industry and polymer technology and the company's compounding expertise, Martogg LCM® formulates and recycles end-product plastic waste into value added, quality polymers to be used in the manufacture of new plastic products.

Martogg LCM®’s RECYCLENE® range of commodity recycled polymers includes PP, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, ABS, HIPS, and GPPS products that are suitable for wide variety of industrial and durable end use applications.

We also  offer a range of recycled engineering resins and compounds including GENLON® nylon engineering polymers and compounds which have been formulated from selected recycled PA6 and PA6.6 feed-stocks and are available in arrange of mineral and/or glass fibre reinforced grades.

Martogg Group's commitment to polymer recycling is unsurpassed in the Australian market.  Since 2006 we have continued to invest in recycling capacity and capability so that we now have Martogg LCM® recycling operations located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

These plants complement Martogg Group's unique position as Australia’s only polymer compounder/distributor/recycler that 

  • Can offer both prime and recycled polymer products to virtually all segments of the Australian plastics industry.
  • Understands polymers, polymer additives and compounding and knows how to formulate and manufacture added value products from a wide range of input materials; virgin resin through to recycled plastic.
  • Is supported by well-equipped and staffed laboratory facilities with the technical competence and knowledge required to develop and QA/QC products to detailed specifications and to ensure the manufacture and supply of products to consistent and known quality standards.
  • Has an extensive and knowledgeable sales and marketing network and a broad product range and customer mix. This gives Martogg LCM® direct access to customers for recycled polymers and feed-stocks.